Torq Glove


Globus Group is pleased to unveil 6 new Impact glove additions that round out our hand protection portfolio.

These were created with wearers in mind, who demand high level dexterity in hazardous environments. The new impact glove range incorporates high level cut protection to prevent hand injuries before they happen.

Seamless, knitted, dipped

Seamless knitted dipped impact gloves offer amazing dexterity. With their liner moulded to the natural hand shape, they offer increased sensitivity while undertaking precise tasks. The cut resistant liners feature 360° protection while nitrile coating protects from liquids and ensures grip.

Skytech Torq™ Twister

TPR Stitched to the liner to increase lifespan and avoid any delamination issues

Flexible multi piece TPR shield. Designed to follow natural hand movement, reducing hand fatigue

Thumb Crotch / Saddle

Reinforcement between the thumb and index protects a high wear area

HPPE lined, with steel (Cut E) or glass (Cut C) ensures comfort and high cut protection

Oil and liquid repellent coating with foam finish for improved grip properties

Cut and Sewn - Heavy Duty

Mechanic impact gloves are the kings for heavy duty work. Made of multiple layers with resistant palm materials, they offer a high cushioning effect when handling heavy parts. Cut and sewn technology allows the combination of engineered textiles to design the optimal glove for dedicated tasks and risks.

Skytech Torq™ Sirocco

Flexible one-piece TPR shield gives continuous protection from the fingertips to the metacarpal area

Teflon® treated synthetic leather palm resists oil and liquid

DuPont Kevlar

Double stitched Kevlar® provides durability and longevity to high wear areas

Multi layer palm fabrics (cut resistant and outer palm) blend perfectly to offer an optimized comfort

Skytech Torq™ Twister

Torq Twister

A robust and flexible glove offering high cut and impact protection. Excellent grip in wet and oily conditions.

Skytech Torq™ Cyclone

Torq Cyclone

Supple and liquid repellent fully coated nitrile glove with nitrile sandy finish on palm providing outstanding oil grip. Flexible and robust TPR to protect against impacts and crushes.

Skytech Torq™ Torben

Torq Torben

A dexterous hi viz cut resistant glove with TPR impact protection panels and nitrile foam coating. Ideal for fine handling with risks of shocks.

Skytech Torq™ Sirocco

Torq Sirocco

A durable and extremely flexible impact resistant glove with reinforced at the thumb crotch. Highly visible colour for efficient hand signalling in poorly lit conditions.

Skytech Torq™ Lightning

Torq Lightning

Heavy duty impact resistant glove with high cut protection high flexibility grip for oily, wet, and dry environments that feels like a mechanic’s glove. Hi-vis for efficient hand signalling in poorly lit conditions.

Skytech Torq™ Red F

Torq Red F

A flexible and extreme handling impact resistant glove with a tough palm material offering outstanding grip in all conditions. Provides high cut protection allowing heavy duty works to be carried out safely.

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